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In need of a Russian-English translator
who speaks human rights?

I’m here to do the translating so you can do the defending.

Human rights reports are often extremely sensitive, so if you need to get them translated or edited it can be hard to know where to turn.

I’ve been working on projects like this, from Russian into English, for over a decade, so I fully understand your delicate situation, and will make it my mission to support you.

It’s an honor to work alongside the courageous people involved in the field of human rights, and I always take my responsibilities incredibly seriously.

Why am I the best choice for your project?

  • A deep understanding of the complexities faced by NGOs in the former Soviet Union.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the civil and criminal codes of former Soviet countries, relevant EU laws, and core human rights instruments and mechanisms.

  • Proven expertise in the areas of minority rights (ethnic, LGBTI+, and women’s rights), migration, detention conditions, forced labor, and electoral fraud.

  • Country specializations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Central Asia.

  • Personal commitment to human rights, equality and respect for all, as demonstrated by my place on the Advisory Board of Red T and my sponsorship of the ATA’s Membership Diversity Award.

Your work in human rights makes a tangible difference to people’s lives. That’s almost certainly one of the things that drives you to work so hard every day.

I share that motivation, and would be proud to play a part in your campaign so you can forget all about the linguistic side of things and get on with the rest.

Whether it’s translation or editing you need assistance with, I’ll always tailor my services to your requirements and the nature of your project.

“Lucy is a top-notch translator specializing in the translation of human rights texts from Russian into English.

She has translated a number of ADC Memorial’s reports for the UN and other international organizations (on the topics of the rights of groups in former Soviet countries that face discrimination—Roma, stateless persons, migrants, LGBTI people, and others).

When we work with Lucy, we can trust in the high professional quality of her translations, her ability to meet deadlines, and her knowledge of terminology.”

Memorial staff

Any questions about the translation of human rights reports?

Or perhaps you’re ready to set the process in motion.

Just send me an email.


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Drop us a line

Fill in this form or send us an e-mail with your inquiry.

Or come visit us at:

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